Examiner Shorts: January 2010

We Are Family: The Foundation of Society


Joan R. Neubauer

The foundation of every government is some principle or passion in the minds of the people.

John Adams

“Thoughts on Government”–1776

Contrary to what some may think, the U.S. government does not form the foundation of our society. As with any society, our foundation relies on the quality and stability of the basic unity of society, the family. All other institutions, including government, derived from the family–the People.

Sadly, we now find ourselves in a tug of war with our Congress. Our representatives have decided to ignore the wishes of the people they represent and forge ahead with the Health Care Reform Bill. In addition, our legislators don’t seem to care that on more than one count, we can interpret the bill as unconstitutional. In their elitist attitude, they have come to view the American people as children who have no idea what’s good for them, regardless of its compliance with the Constitution.

As if that weren’t enough, our Congress continues to pound out a final agreement on this terrible bill in complete secrecy, which leads me to one of two conclusions: they either lack memory, or they have lied to us. Let’s discount the forgetfulness, since time and time again I hear replays of Candidate Obama’s promises for transparency in government. So that leads us to the unpleasant realization that the democrats have lied to us and have no intention of honoring openness in government because they have something to hide.

Whether or not this legislation passes, we the People must do everything we can to take our country back. Attend tea parties. Contact your representatives to them how we feel. Write editorials. Get involved in the process. We shouldn’t have to push back against our Congress this hard to maintain our rights as Americans, but we do. We shouldn’t have to fight this hard to retain our privacy and our freedoms, but we must.


Democrats Dread Scott


Joan R. Neubauer

Conservatives around the country celebrate the victory of Scott Brown, the new Senator-elect from Massachusetts, and offer him their congratulations. The pundits said he’d never do it. They said someone who had served in the statehouse as a Republican couldn’t take on the Democrat machine in a state where Democrats outnumbers Republicans by 3 to 1. And at the beginning of the Brown campaign it looked as though they were right. However, things changed.

Over the course of the campaign, Scott Brown realized who his voters were, what they needed, and what they wanted. His voters, real, everyday people from all walks of life, needed to know they had control of their lives. They wanted someone in power to listen to their voices and take their opinions, insights, and feelings into consideration. Once he understood that, his campaign speeches changed to reflect those very sentiments. He got back to the idea that the Founding Fathers put forward, that this government operates only with the consent of the governed. In short, Scott Brown spoke from his heart to theirs.

The current climate in D.C. fails to recognize this. The single-party rule in both houses of Congress and the White House has, in effect, flicked aside the will of the people as though it were a bothersome fly. They continue to forge ahead with an agenda that the people neither need nor want. They wish to further curtail our freedoms. They want to foist a health care bill upon us so wonderful, they have exempted themselves from it.

But I have some good news. They won’t change, and that will make it so much easier to send a new crop of representatives to Washington this November, who realize what Scott Brown did and how he did it. Congratulations, Mr. Brown, from my heart to yours.


Watch very Carefully


Joan R. Neubauer

Regardless of what some of the left-leaning pundits may say, Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts tells us much about Massachusetts voters, and by extrapolation, the American electorate.

Massachusetts, historically a very liberal state, voted for the conservative candidate and swept Scott Brown into office with a 52%-47% vote. Considering the ratio of Democrats to Republicans in that deep blue state (3:1), you could interpret that as a virtual landslide. But beyond that, Brown’s victory comes across as an out and out repudiation of liberal politics and the socialist agenda that goes along with it.

They thought that if they kept everything secret, they could keep their intentions under wraps until they already passed their freedom stealing legislation. However, the news leaked, and the American electorate made it abundantly clear that they didn’t want a government bureaucrat sitting beside them in their doctor’s office.

But healthcare is only one of the aspects of this administration’s agenda that most people in this country decry. They recognize that Cap and Trade, bank bailouts, auto industry bailouts, and now new proposed taxes on banks, all promise to curtail our freedoms, cost jobs, dig deeper into our pockets, and take us further away from free enterprise.

The Democrats now recognize that they have to back off, but they need to do it without embarrassment, after all, they want to get re-elected this November. But we must continue to watch them carefully, because they know that socialized medicine is the centerpiece of a socialist society, and their goal is to lead this country down the path of socialism.

Watch them. Remain vigilant. Don’t let them do it. Get involved in the political system created by the U.S. Constitution while we still have it.


Don’t Get too Comfy


Joan R. Neubauer

Back in August, members of Congress traveled throughout their districts and held town hall meetings in hopes of making their case for Universal Health Care. Instead, their constituents met them with a steady diet of anger, outrage, and rejection. Tea parties and rallies across the country sent a clear message to Washington that the American people had no interest in the new socialist agenda. Yet, in their hubris, the house passed its version and then the senate passed its version of the bill on Christmas Eve.

Not until the loss of the Massachusetts Senate seat, one previously held for 47 years by Ted Kennedy, did the democrats decide to take a deep breath and a step back.

Right after Scott Brown’s victory last week, the rhetoric from the White House and the senate softened on the subject of health care reform. For just a moment I thought they had changed their focus to the economy. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi promised to still get it done, and I knew they had just taken a moment to absorb the shock.

With the new week, they have decided to move forward with a new plan. They’ll keep it low-key and as much under the radar as possible. They’ll massage the bill into something both the senate and the house can live with and then vote on it as though it were a finance bill, which would require only 51 votes in the senate to pass.

Never mind that the American people don’t want it. Never mind that the Congress itself is unwilling to live with it as they will continue to exempt themselves from this bill and continue to use their own “Cadillac plan.” Never mind that it is unconstitutional, intrusive, and morally objectionable.

If you object to this bill, please call your representatives today and tell them so. If enough people weigh in, perhaps it will give them enough motivation to at least think about what they’re doing and how it might affect them in November. As they say, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet, so don’t get too comfy thinking this health care reform bill has run out of hot air. Congress certainly hasn’t.


Hurd to Hurdle Rodriguez


Joan R. Neubauer

Conservatives in the 23rd Congressional District are looking seriously at alternatives to Representative Ciro D.Rodriguez. One of those alternatives comes out of San Antonio, Republican Will Hurd. We here in the Big Bend know little about Mr. Hurd except that he seems willing to go head to head with Mr. Rodriguez. We also know that he’s scheduled to come to our neck of the woods. The West of the Pecos Republican Women’s club has corralled the newcomer to speak to their group on February 8.

In looking at Mr. Rodriguez’ voting record, you immediately notice that he’s consistently voted along party lines with the exception of Cap and Trade—hardly a conservative voting record. I next wonder if Mr. Hurd is a true conservative or a conservative in name only as he takes on the mantle of the Republican Party.

How would he vote on health care reform, gun rights, land rights, and abortion? Will he vote to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution or cast it aside? Will he vote to protect American freedoms? I look forward to asking him some of these questions. From all that I read about him, I think he could well be the alternative that we in the 23rd Congressional District seek, but only time will tell.

If you live in the Big Bend area, you might have a few questions you’d like to ask Mr. Hurd yourself. If you do, head on out to Alpine City Limits (2700 W. Highway 90, Alpine, Texas) on February 8 and be there by 6:00. Taking a line from Casa Blanca, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship—or not.


Free Choice


Joan R. Neubauer

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Choice. Choice. Choice.

The left shrilly declares the right of choice from the mountaintops, yet they would take away the choice from millions of Americans to choose whether or not they buy health insurance; whether or not they can avail themselves of the best that medical science has to offer; or whether or not they will contribute to abortion, a procedure that more and more Americans find morally reprehensible.

Unless I missed it, I see nothing in the Constitution that gives Congress the power to coerce Americans to purchase any product or service. Clearly, many Americans do not carry health insurance, and many of them do not have it because they don’t want to spend the money, especially younger people. They’re betting on youth and health for several years to come. That’s their choice and we should respect that.

Another perusal through the Constitution assured me that it does not mandate that Congress make itself responsible for the health care of all Americans. Once we get Congress involved in the health care business, a government bureaucrat will come between you and your doctor to decide appropriate therapies. Despite all their denials, the existing healthcare bill will ration care and withhold life-saving treatment based on age and other factors.

Finally, this health care bill contains provisions for federal funding for abortion. I know that 37 years ago, the Supreme Court ruled on Roe vs. Wade made abortion legal throughout this county. But yet again, I find no place in the Constitution granting this power to the federal government. In fact, the “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” phrase in the Declaration of Independence (the first piece of legislation adopted by our Congress), clearly affirms the right to life.

In addition, I find myself in the company of a majority of Americans when I say I find abortion morally outrageous and totally unacceptable. All human life is sacred from conception until the moment of death, and in all good conscience, I object to taking part in abortion on any level, including contributing to paying for it with my tax dollars.

Since the Constitution fails to mention any of these issues, I suggest that Congress let this very unpopular, unacceptable, costly, objectionable health care bill fall to the wayside. Let’s invoke the 10th Amendment and let individual states and the people decide how to handle each on their own terms. Let people decide for themselves whether they want health care. Let doctors and patients decide on the best therapies in any given situation. And do not fund abortion with taxpayer money. If a woman makes the choice for an abortion, let her use her own money, not mine.

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